How is OneStep different from other dating apps?

OneStep app allows you to see other users within a 100m radius. As long as you both are registered in OneStep, the app is opened or it’s running in the background.

How can I introduce myself to the person who is nearby?

Go to the “Nearby” tab. Find a profile of the person you’d like to meet and send them a greeting emoji; wait for an answer and start chatting!

Is OneStep just for romantic relationships?

Surely not! OneStep can also be used to make new friends. Don’t forget to mark your interests in the profile so that your future friends can learn a little more about your hobbies.

Why can’t I see anyone around me? Is the app not working?

We’ve performed numerous test runs before launch, the app is working! You’ll receive a push notification when a new user appears nearby. Make sure your device has Bluetooth enabled and the app has access to it.

Can I meet people on OneStep like I do on other dating apps?

Absolutely! Go to the "Users" tab. In the upper right corner, click on the "Filter" icon. There you can set filters by gender, age, distance, and even type of voice.

Can I meet people from other cities?

Sure thing! You can meet people in different cities by changing the location in your profile. We love to connect people wherever they might be.

I was invited to a chat. How much time do I have to respond?

The chat unlocks when both parties show mutual interest in one another. The chat will disappear after 24 hours of no answer to the greeting.

How can I change my profile?

Go to "My Profile" tab and click "Edit". There you can change your photo, choose what you're looking for on the app, specify your language skills and interests, and edit your email.

How do I record my voice greeting?

Go to “My profile” tab and click “Edit”. Hold the microphone icon while recording a message (up to 45 seconds). Click “Upload audio”. Congratulations! Now your profile will be at the top of the list of users! Not to mention that a voice greeting will increase the chances of finding the right person for you.

Why would someone record a voice greeting?

Users with a voice greeting draw much more attention to their profile. In our voice filters you can listen to the suggestions of what you can record as a greeting, set a type of voice you are looking for and thus find exactly the one you like.

What does a check mark on the photo mean?

A check mark on the photo means the user’s photo has been verified.

Is it true that using Bluetooth in the app drains the smartphone's battery?

No, our app uses Bluetooth in the background, which has very little effect on your smartphone's battery consumption.

How do I block a user?

To block a user, go to their profile and click "Block and report". Choose the reason for blocking. You will no longer be visible to each other.

How do I delete my profile?

Open the “Settings” on “My profile” tab, click on the section “Agreements”, there you will find the button “Delete my account”.

Do I have to pay for OneStep or is it free?

OneStep is absolutely free to download and use. If you’d like to get something more from the service we have a Premium subscription.

What features do I get with a Premium subscription?

With a OneStep Premium subscription you can:

  • Exchange unlimited messages with other users
  • Add up to 10 photos to your profile
  • Appear at the top of user’s searches
How much does a Premium subscription cost?

Premium subscription costs only 99 rubles a month or 690 rubles a year!

How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

Sign in to your Google Play account and follow the instructions to cancel your Premium subscription. If you cancel the automatic renewal of your Premium subscription, you can continue using the Premium subscription until the end of its period.